We hope you can find the answers you are looking for, and if not, we invite you to call 888‑SPEED‑16 to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

  • Q: What is required to become a Motovicity dealer?
    A: As a wholesale distributor Motovicity requires that prospective dealers, at a minimum, be a licensed automotive business with an appropriate operational facility and specialize in the automotive performance aftermarket. 

    For complete details, please visit the Reseller Qualifications section of Motovicity’s Terms & Conditions.

    Q: Does Motovicity require a buy-in to become a dealer?
    A: Unlike many other distributors, Motovicity does not require a buy-in to become a dealer. We trust the companies we hand select are serious about business and bring a value to the table, so asking for a large order to prove it, is just backwards. The whole point of buying from a distribution company is that you can purchase product in smaller volumes and not get strangled with capital killing inventory. Instead, we think if you are a serious shop in this industry and we award wholesale pricing then your company should be able to maintain a small minimum annual purchase amount of $5,000. If we cannot meet that minimum we simply go our separate ways. No harm, no foul. 

    Q: Does Motovicity have order minimums?
    A: Motovicity does not require any order minimums from its customers.

    Q: How do I access/login to the Motovicity website?
    A: Once the dealer application process has been completed and your account has been approved and processed, you will receive an email with your login credentials and a welcome kit via mail that includes a physical copy of your login credentials for your records.

    Q: How many locations does Motovicity have?
    A: Motovicity operates from a combined 80,000 sq. ft. multi-building campus, strategically located in the world headquarters of the automotive industry – Detroit, MI. Offering 1-day ground shipments to the most populated racing and performance regions of the US, our centralized location allows for nationwide fulfillment at some of the industry’s most competitive price points. 

    Q: What kind of distributor is Motovicity?
    A: Motovicity is a wholesale distributor with a rich history of specializing in automotive performance aftermarket products for the sport compact, Detroit muscle, Euro, truck and diesel, and fabrication markets. In addition to offering more than 180 performance brands, Motovicity provides dedicated customer service from an ASE certified sales staff of enthusiasts who are ready to assist customers with their client builds and retail growth needs.

    Q: Is Motovicity open to the public?
    A: Motovicity is a true B2B wholesale distributor that prides itself on the dedicated support of its business customers, never the end user. 

  • Q: How do I place an order with Motovicity?
    A: There are four ways that Motovicity’s customers can place an order.

    First, Motovicity.com is always open; conveniently submit your order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Second, orders ready for processing may be submitted via email to orders@motovicity.com.

    Third, for a personalized touch and expert assistance, please contact your dedicated sales representative by calling 888.SPEED.16.

    Finally, Motovicity is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) friendly company, making high frequency and volume transactions safe and convenient. 

    Q: What forms of payment does Motovicity accept?
    A: Motovicity uniquely offers a variety of payment options to its customers. Specifically, customers may conveniently purchase aftermarket performance products via:

    • Credit Card: Credit cards must be in the name of the business or the business owner. MOTOVICITY accepts: American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.
    • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT & ACH, Debit Card): U.S. ONLY SERVICE. 
    • PayPal: Limited to product that is in-stock and ordered on the MOTOVICITY website. 
    • Cash: Limited Over the Counter (OTC) orders. 
    • Wire Transfer
  • Q: What is Motovicity’s shipping cutoff time?
    A: For common Ground shipping services (2+ transit day zones and Smart Post), Motovicity conveniently offers its customers an 8:00 p.m. ET shipping cutoff. One day ground zone services have a 6:00 p.m. ET shipping cutoff.

    For expedited service needs (Overnight, Overnight Priority, Saturday Priority, 2-Day, and Express Saver), orders must be submitted and processed by 6:00 p.m. ET.

    Q: What shipping service does Motovicity use?
    A: Motovicity offers a variety of shipping services that include FedEx, UPS, and LTL carriers throughout North America.

    For complete shipping service details, please refer to the Shipping & Logistics section of Motovicity’s Terms & Conditions.

    Q: Does Motovicity ship internationally?
    A: Yes, Motovicity offers international shipping on approved brands to authorized destinations.

    For complete international shipping details, please refer to the Shipping & Logistics section of Motovicity’s Terms & Conditions.

    Q: Does Motovicity charge drop ship fees?
    A: Motovicity does not charge drop ship fees for orders departing from any of its locations; however, some manufacturers may assess additional fees for drop shipments direct from their location(s).

    Q: Does Motovicity offer a shipping program?
    A: Yes. Motovicity offers customers its signature 1-Rate Flat Rate Shipping program to your place of business with a 5:00 p.m. ET same day shipping cutoff.

  • Q: Does Motovicity offer any sponsorship programs?
    A: Our sponsorship efforts are currently focused on two major racing events, Speed Ring and Never Lift, that pay out large cash prizes. Although our marketing budget is primarily allocated towards these two events, we are always happy to evaluate unique opportunities that would result in a mutually beneficial outcome for you and for Motovicity.

    We appreciate your interest in a partnership with us and ask that you submit all proposals/decks detailing your racing endeavor or other program to sponsorships@motovicity.com

  • Q: Does Motovicity offer a warranty on the products it sells?
    A: To ensure customer satisfaction, Motovicity works diligently to facilitate the processing of manufacturer warranties when available from the manufacturer, but no warranty expressed, written, or implied is made on any product sold by Motovicity.

    For complete details about warranty and returns, please refer to the Returns, Errors, Damage & Warranty section of Motovicity’s Terms & Conditions.

    Q: What is Motovicity’s return policy?
    A: Motovicity offers a hassle free 90-day return policy for new, unused, and unaltered items.

    For complete details and exclusions, please refer to the Returns, Errors, Damage & Warranty section of Motovicity’s Terms & Conditions.