The Motovicity story begins where passion meets business. A diverse group of enthusiasts, racers, and business professionals at the height of their skills who came together to redefine the automotive performance aftermarket from the Motor City.

Since 2002, Motovicity has been dedicated to the success of its customers.

Recognized by our peers and named SEMA’s 2013 Warehouse Distributor of the Year, we continue the pursuit of our customers’ success by supplying the nation’s most revered shops and fastest growing retailers with exceptional service and a robust inventory of the industry’s finest brands.



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In an industry full of enthusiasts, only Motovicity’s sales team is also ASE Certified. By understanding the unique challenges and pressures of our industry, our sales staff help remove the burdens of vague product information, and let you get back to why you got into this business in the first place.


Motovicity has shipping options to quickly meet every need, including same-day shipping for orders placed as late as 8 p.m. Coupled with our long-standing reputation for accuracy, this means less focus on your supply chain and more focus on where it should be – your customers.


Motovicity.com is your purchasing assistant – a place where you can easily search product, access critical documents, and make purchases. Together with the security of complete PCI compliance, Motovicity.com simplifies and streamlines your sourcing efforts at every level.


Complex supply chain logistics don’t have to be expensive. Well known for our legendary shipping rates, Motovicity offers fulfillment options to meet every need, and real-time shipping quotes on industry leading rates for Express, Ground, and Home Delivery services, as well as our $8.99 1-Rate Flat Rate shipping program on standard orders of $500 or more.


Despite the best intentions, sometimes things go wrong. At Motovicity, we operate on the simple belief that it’s always less about what happened, and more about what happens next. Our customer service staff is uniquely trained to cut to the heart of the problem and find the best possible solution quickly. The bottom line is we will treat your challenge like our own, so you don’t have to.


Large or small, proper cash flow management is the heart of every successful business. With Motovicity, you’ll never have to choose between your clients or your balance sheet, as we efficiently stock over 180 brands in more than 80,000 sq. ft. of strategically located warehouse space for the Sport Compact, Muscle, Euro, Truck & Diesel, and Fabrication markets.

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  • csf racing

    "Motovicity's innovative marketing campaigns and tremendous sales staff have helped CSF grow its performance cooling line year-over-year - proving our partnership with Motovicity to be integral in our overall success."

    Ravi Dolwani
    Manager - Racing & High Performance
    CSF Radiators
  • "Simply put, the team at Moto kicks ass! Their product and market knowledge, as well as use of proactive marketing efforts to create sales, make them one of the best partners a hard-core manufacturer could ask for."

    Kirk Miller
    VP of Sales & Marketing
    AEM Electronics
  • "Motovicity demonstrates the notion of everything professionalism embodies, including doing what they say they’ll do, solid and consistent communication, attention to detail, and a passion for our industry that translates into valuable input we use to shape our editorial content."

    Regan Dickinson
  • "Motovicity takes the time to train their sales team on the technical aspects of a product and, more importantly, on keeping the brand relevant. As a manufacturer, it is extremely important to have a distributor like this, who also work in cutting edge ways to utilize our data to continuously grow sales!"

    Richard Barsamian
    Vice President of Sales & Marketing
    Advanced Clutch Technology
  • "More than a decade ago, our two companies cemented a relationship that, over time, has catapulted both of us to the top of the industry. We could not be where we are
    today without the mutual trust and strong commitment we have to each other."

    Martin Tagliavini
    Vice President of Sales & Marketing
    Supertech Performance
  • edelbrock

    “Motovicity stands out as one of those companies that continues to grow while maintaining that hard-to-find balance of passionate enthusiasts and serious business people.”

    Vic Edelbrock Jr.
    Former Chairman
    Edelbrock, LLC
  • lovefab

    "No matter what, I receive my orders on time, every time.”

    Cody Loveland
    LoveFab, Inc.

    “Motovicity has proven to be an innovator with their approach to marketing and creating a loyal customer following.”

    Michael Kunzman
    Kunzman & Associates
  • "I can't think of any other distributor in the industry that has more passion and heart for the automotive aftermarket than Motovicity, they understand and support the community wholeheartedly."

    Chris Stewart

    “Developing partnerships in this industry is the key to success. We have been fortunate to have Motovicity as a long term partner of our company, allowing us to expand our business to new clients and grow our bottom line.”

    Martin Musial
    AMS / ALPHA Performance







Motovicity operates on a simple belief: to bring the best to our customers, we must bring the best people – and demand the best from them. If you are the type of person driven to help others achieve success and have an insatiable need to exceed your personal expectations, we’d love to hear from you.


You love your work, but too often the everyday needs of your business can feel like a distraction. That’s where we come in. We know supplying great product isn’t enough. We work to eliminate your distractions and perfect every aspect of your supply chain, so you can get back to doing what you love.


Since 2002, Motovicity has been introducing the industry’s finest brands to a unique group of customers. We thoughtfully utilize our proven track record and trusted relationships to provide brands direct access to the most prominent, as well as youth-driven, shops and retailers nationwide.



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The Speed Ring is a two day racing extravaganza held just outside of Detroit, MI. The very best in Aftermarket Performance racers go head-to-head in a bracket style competition for top speed and massive cash purse. Drivers, teams, manufacturers and spectators from all over the country attend each year for high stakes racing, networking and family fun at the 1.5 mile long road course and event center known as M1 Concourse. Winner takes all at Speed Ring.

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They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The question is, how fast can it be conquered? Our Never Lift race event answers that question each year with speeds in excess of 200mph on a straight half mile run. Drivers face off in numerous classes for the largest cash payout in half mile racing. In the middle of the California desert, we bring the fastest cars on the continent, the best manufacturers in the industry and top enthusiasts to bear witness to this record shattering event.